Matt ZiebarthAttorney, Associate

“I always start with intently listening to my clients, then we work together to understand the desired outcome of the case. With this baseline in place, I can zealously advocate for my clients’ needs and serve them in the best way possible.”

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I love putting the puzzle pieces together for my clients. It’s really rewarding to delve into the challenging legal issues that come across my desk and assessing potential paths along with more questions that arise. And it’s especially meaningful to work together with a variety of lawyers to arrive at a solution to solve these complex problems.

My strengths are working collaboratively, putting the clients’ needs first in every aspect of my work, and making everyone feel important regardless of size or reputation. The working and collaborative environment I found at Henson Efron aligned well with my vision of work and the way I want to serve clients. I’ve witnessed and been a part of multiple lawyers working together to achieve a common goal for the client and benefited from the mentorship and family atmosphere at the firm.

My career and experience as a CPA while working at Target, and Cargill in finance were extremely beneficial to understanding the needs of my clients in a complex business environment. I was able to learn what the business needs are as a client and provided me with valuable financial perspective that I carry forward to best serve my clients.

As a former college athlete, I bring a passion for teamwork and collaboration into everything that I do. Working together with the client, and with the broader team helps me deliver outstanding results to the client and fosters an open and collaborative environment for everyone. Together we can work towards realizing the goals and aspirations of your business.


Clients say:

“Matt has the determination to complete anything he puts his mind to and has the unique ability to also make light and have fun with the most stressful of tasks.”

“Matt excels at building relationships with people because he’s very willing to go above and beyond. He’s not shy to jump into a topic and fully understand the problem that is trying to be solved.”

“Matt has a friendly outgoing personality that makes him easy to talk to and interact with.  He is loyal to his friends and family. He’ll go the extra mile to help whenever he can.”

“When working with Matt, you’ll be invited into a collaborative environment that promotes discourse and strong thought leadership. He is gifted in making connection with others in a kind and welcoming way.”

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