Attorneys Sarvesh Desai and Anne Haaland Named 2020 Up & Coming Attorneys

July 13, 2020

Henson Efron is pleased to announce attorneys Sarvesh Desai and Anne Haaland have been named 2020 Up & Coming Attorneys by Minnesota Lawyer. Each year Minnesota Lawyer recognizes a group of new attorneys off to a fast start in their legal careers and the legal professionals who work to make sure the job gets done.

Business law attorney, Sarvesh Desai, believes in asking a lot of questions to better understand the big picture. This analytical approach is born out of his pre-law experience as an engineer in a pharmaceutical company’s manufacturing plant. This background strengthens his approach to go beyond the surface, look at the data, assess obstacles and determine the best path forward for his clients. Sarvesh is committed to offering sound advice and practical solutions that represent the needs and achieve the goals of his clients.

Family law attorney, Anne Haaland, leads with her client’s best interest at heart. She is a realist, who does not overpromise and stands firm in her straightforward delivery of legal advice. She is active in the Bar Association and volunteer work, rising to the top of various organizations in which she has become vested. She contributes to Henson Efron’s collegial atmosphere and upholds the firm as a leader in family law in the State of Minnesota.