J.R. Maddox and Jennie Clarke Quoted in Minnesota Business Magazine

April 13, 2017


Jennie Clarke - Henson Efron business law attorneyJR Maddox - Henson Efron business law and litigation attorney



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Minnesota Business magazine takes a closer look at cybersecurity and IP protection with “Protect Those Designs! Enjoying the fruits of your creativity requires legal safeguards of your intellectual property”

Excerpts from the article

Copyrights protect “fixed expressions,” says J.R. Maddox, corporate and intellectual property (IP) attorney at Minneapolis-based Henson Efron. That includes websites, manuals, tutorials, catalogues. Copyrights cover only the specific expression: your own words. They don’t cover ideas themselves.

Due diligence & cost-effectiveness

Innovators must follow this golden rule: Do your due diligence, and do it early.

Jennie Clarke, a business law attorney at Henson Efron, says one client invested thousands in an ambitious branding initiative for its new product line, only to discover that someone else was practicing the same trademark. The wasted effort (and risk of an infringement suit) could have been prevented with better due diligence.