John C. Levy Featured in Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

May 8, 2013

Corporate and business law attorney John C. Levy was recently featured in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal on his presidency and efforts behind the founding of the Minnesota Food Truck Association.

Levy, chief manager and co-owner of celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern’s AZ Canteen food truck, shared his thoughts on his new Food Truck law focus, “Through my friendship with Andrew and my experience as a business lawyer, as well as my love of food, I thought it would be fun and interesting to start a food truck as a side project… The challenges of starting a food truck business, combined with some of the more extreme reactions to food trucks of other constituencies, such as the Skyway restaurants, helped me to recognize the opportunity and need to organize all of the food trucks in Minnesota into a trade association. It’s been a great experience and helpful to my practice, working from the ground up in creating a business and developing an expertise in offering services to the food industry.”

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